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Jaye Hackett is a consulting designer and civic technologist based in London


1. A digital contact tracing app for the NHS

March—April 2020

I led the early research and design of the NHS COVID-19 app.

I spent several weeks at the start of the pandemic on-site at the NHSX offices in Elephant and Castle, figuring out how to turn a vague brief about "digital contact tracing" into reality.

The now-familiar principles of anonymous Bluetooth contact tracing were entirely new back in February 2020. There were no working implementations to look at. The native Apple and Google APIs for this functionality were still six months away. I had to do everything for the first time.

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Jaye is easily one of the most effective communicators and presenters that I have had the pleasure to be on a project with A FutureGov delivery manager

2. Modern, collaborative tools for social care

Hackney Council
September 2020

I'm building a new collaborative suite of tools for social workers at Hackney Council.

Hackney Council suffered a severe cyberattack in 2020, which knocked important case management software offline. We're helping them recover from that, but also aiming to build something much better than what came before.

The software Hackney was using to run social care had several important limitations. It locked social workers into frustrating, inflexible processes that had to be followed precisely. It also made it difficult for people recieving care to understand what was happening with their case, or to feel like they had a say in it.

It is a relic from an older, patriarchal model of running government services.

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You’ve done more on this in a month than a whole year of people talking about it A Hackney delivery manager

3. Service directories with open data standards

Buckinghamshire Council
January 2020—present

I planned, designed and built an API-first directory of community servicesfor Buckinghamshire's family information service.

I connected the tool with national data sources from Ofsted, and wrote scripts to transform existing data to match an emerging data standard.

The directory emphasises location-based search to show users results in their local community. It also makes it easy for users to log in and maintain their own listings, freeing up council time and money.

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Jaye has built a reputation as someone who gets things done and can be trusted to always deliver good results A director at FutureGov


Collective mental health crisis plans

Mindwave Ventures
January 2021

A product and design concept for a different kind of mental health crisis plan, built on the idea of mutual aid.

Explore Arts Council data


I designed and built a tool to explore and compare Arts Council England funding data, after the controversy of the withdrawal of funding from several large London orgs.

Logical expression evaluator

January 2021

Build an expression out of constants, variables and nested boolean logic, and it will tell you the result.

Age UK Boost

Age UK Westminster
September 2020

I was commissioned by Age UK Westminster to design and build a tool to coordinate local volunteer support for older people. It was successfully piloted in late 2020.


JS/TS, Ruby, PHP, Python
React, Next.js, Express.js, Rails
Postgres, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
Unity, Blender, Spline
Jest, react-testing-library, Cypress
Netlify, Heroku, AWS, GCP
Content management
Wordpress, Contentful, Wagtail
Figma, Adobe CC

I’m a queer designer and technologist who works on tough social and governmental problems. I've worked at Skippet, FutureGov/TPXImpact, the civil service and Samaritans before that.

Once, I was a theatre critic.

You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn, or see more of my work on Github or Medium.

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